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  • Boots and big heart, Ly Nha Ky in her latest charity trip to Dak Lak
    Monday, 22/01/2018

    Ly Nha Ky in her most basic clothes, ready to talk and take photos with the villagers, personally handling food and medicine to the people in need.


    The lengthy trip could not stop Ly Nha Ky to bring food and medicine to many of the most isolated areas of Dak Lak, where even the basic of necessity for life is out of reach.




    She has always been known for doing charity and many other projects benefitting the community. Never loud and never with a fanfare, quiet is her way to donate her own money and organizing trips to isolated areas all around the country to support, aid, and share with many people in need.



    The destination this time is Cu Kroa village in the deep M’Drak ward, one of the most devastating areas of Dak Lak province. Along with her were every employee from Van Vuong Group, Codupha Central Pharmaceutical Join Stock Company, the Police Force PC 67 of Dak Lak Province, and a medical team from Buon Ma Thuot City Hospital.




    After a going through hundreds of kilometers from the center, Ly Nha Ky and her crew faced a bigger challenge. The rain previously flooded every dirt road that led to the little town, forming mud everywhere. When the cars could not access any more, Ly Nha Ky and her team started to move on motorbikes instead. The slippery roads completely prevented any large vehicles from entering.  The team must go on by motorbikes, and even on foot in the last part of the trip to get to Cu Kroa village.






    And regardless of all the hardships it took to get there, the limited transportation and the challenging weather, she never failed to maintain her bright smile. She dressed in simple, didn’t hesitate to take photos with the people, she handedly gave them the presents, and personally listened to their stories. In addition to that, Ly Nha Ky even helped the local force to plant some more trees to preserve the villages from landslide.





    Especially in this meaningful time right before our traditional Lunar New Year, Ly Nha Ky and her team have provided many families with a warmer, fuller, and more loving new year. Being attended by local authorities and such people with social influence, hopefully the native people here could partly chase away the ruthless winter breeze.



    It wasn’t just a charity trip, in her few days spent with the villagers, Ly Nha Ky had a wonderful chance to experience their everyday life, a life that is much more open and loving. She tasted stem wine with the locals, and enjoyed cong chieng (stone and copper instruments) by the fire.




    Having her here sitting between everyone by the fire, willing to talk and listen to anyone, even joining in the celebrating dance, it is hard to think that this is one of the richest, most successful artists in showbiz.


    Photo: Nhan Pham