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  • A beauty with heart: Ly Nha Ky’s touching moment before the year end
    Wednesday, 07/02/2018

    It wasn’t the fancy dresses that caught our attention this time, she was just as beautiful as ever in a pastel traditional dresses. And the audience could not love her more.



    The last few days of year, Ly Nha Ky came all the way from Ho Chi Minh to Da Nang city, a new destination on her journey to help more and more underprivileged people.


     Appearing in the even “New Year for the poor – 2018” the star of “Cold Summer” put on

    a simple pastel traditional dress with flowery embroidered details.


     Our devoted Ly Nha Ky, along with her partner have already given out more than 700 presents to the locals.


    Spending 2 billion dongs in one evening, she wishes to help more and more underprivileged people.


    ly nha ky hoa co tam diu dang voi ao dai gam cach tan hinh 6

     The freezing cold could not stop the lines of excited people. The sight Ly Nha Ky’s heart.


     She even cried knowing that many came just to see her favorite actress from “The Beauty and the Wealthy”.


     She carefully helped the elders up the stage.


     And the people loved her back with her beautiful yet humble act.
     To them, there is no one like her, a beauty with an even bigger heart.
      Some of her touching moments through out the events.
    As a person of influence, Ly Nha Ky promises to generates more sponsoring partners for Vietnam Health and Education Development Fund, her own charity fund, so that she can reach out to more and more people.