• Ly Nha Ky touched when give a free ticket to France to a young and energetic designer
    Sunday, 15/12/2013

    In episode 9 of  "Fashion Star" program, evening of December 14th, investors Ly Nha Ky has constantly surprised during the auction



    In the beginning, the collection of young designer Pham Huu Sang with the ideas inspired by the hometown rice fields,  those gentle yellow design, Ly Nha Ky Press "do not buy". Meanwhile, investor Luu Nga paid 25 million. But when fashion designer Minh Hanh told about Pham Huu Sang, the young designer had a difficult life but still put his efforts to overcome the poverty, the difficulties to achieve the dream of become a designers, and fashion designer Cong Tri also said: "When I saw Pham Huu Sang’s sketches with the difficult cuts, I asked him to help him find a good tailor, but Pham Huu Sang expressed his thanks and said he wanted to do, because he want to go on his own feet", immediately investor Ly Nha Ky paid 50 million for this collection. She said she did not promise to be the accompany of Pham Huu Sang, as well as other designers, but she actually purchased the collection because of the touching of her heart.



    Remember last time, Ly Nha Ky has also purchased a collection of Pham Huu Sang, she said, that time her heart beats faster while she saw the efforts of this young designer and today, beating in her heart trembled stronger.


    Suddenly not stop there, as the program announced the top 3 results and a contestant must stop the game, top 3 will have a journey to the fashion capitals Paris to learn the experiences.




    When Pham Huu Sang is emotionally saying farewell to the audiences, Ly Nha Ky has suddenly stood up and expressed her wish to donate a gift to Pham Huu Sang. Attending the program, Ly Nha Ky is not healthy because she fell several days ago, leg pain and can not walk comfortably, but she still tried to walk to the stage with Huu Sang. Investors Vu Anh was very gallant when he helped Ly Nha Ky walk to the stage..


    Ly Nha Ky said, she saw her own image in Pham Huu Sang, used to have a difficult life, hard to rise up in life to achieve her dreams. Gift from Ly Nha Ky is the amount of 20 million and a ticket to France so that Huu Sang can go with3 finalists designer. This action of Ly Nha Ky has left many people in the studio and audiences who are sitting in front of television be touched. This generosity is not only because of her love for this young, energetic designers but also because it is her desire to encourage Huu Sang be stronger on his chosen path....



    Since joining the program "Fashion Star," Ly Nha Ky has always being a investors to consider and evaluate the collection but does not have a special feeling for any designer. This is totally unexpected actions by her for Huu Sang, because she wanted to give Huu Sang a belief in life.


    After the live show, Ly Nha Ky shared she actually saw her image of old the days in Pham Huu Sang. That day, she just like this guy, a little shy but always wanted to assert, go on by her own ability without losing herself to gain achievement. She herself was also observed Huu Sang from the program, and found Huu Sang never changes, always gentle, shy, somewhat self-deprecating, just did his best to conquer his dream.


    In the glory of fame, many people will be changed, but Ly Nha Ky found that Pham Huu Sang does not change the honesty in his nature. 


    Appeared in episode 9, even her leg is pain but the investors Ly Nha Ky still tried to wear beautiful, classy Aquazzura heels. The charming red Marchesa dress with lace, classic shape, hugging the waist, helps she look glamour and beautiful as last century ladies. After the noble image in the previous episode, in this episode, Ly Nha Ky returns to tender, feminine imagewith vintage pin up hair style. jewelry from Paolo Piovan  with pink gemstones are also highly valuable when combined with ingenious lovely Marchesa dress.


    Photo: Duong Nguyen

    Makeup: Minh Loc