• Ly Nha Ky gorgeously in a royal-style dress.
    Thursday, 18/10/2018

    In the latest album in honor of the 20th of October, movie star Ly Nha Ky continues to awe everyone in a sparkling and beautiful costume. In a copper yellow color tone throughout from the crown to the dress. According to the designer Do Long, the jeweled dress in a wavy style was done in 100 hours by 3 skilled tailors. The dress floats with the highlights being the whole long ostrich feathers pieces, commonly referred to by designers as “putting snow on the dress”, bring more style to the beauty. Especially the classic tapered voile on the shoulders makes the actress looks like the sleeping beauty. The slightly frizzy hair flows down freely, the shining diamond earrings are all very suitable for the entire set of royal-style costume, making the beauty of the movie Heaven looks gorgeous and very attractive, standing out on the background of the large and old castle.

    The album was shot at the Peles castle, a mountainous area with breath-taking views of the plentiful grass fields of Transylvania, Romania. Started construction in 1873 by the architect Viennese Wilhem Doderer and his assistant, Johann Schultz de Lemberg, the castle was built at the will of king Charles I, with the purpose of being a summer vacation location. The outskirts of the castle give a romantic, vibrant vibe but the inside is of complete royalty. Peles castle is the first castle in Europe to utilize a electric central heating system and it has over 160 rooms representing each different area of Europe back then. Outside of the castle it was decorated in the Gothic Renaissance architecture, its combinations build a romantic atmosphere, especially in the autumn days, when all around the castle is filled with fresh green color. Famous world politicians who have visited the castle including the U.S. president Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, Libya leader Gaddafi and PLO leader, Arafat. Nowadays the castle is still a welcoming site for world leaders and tourists in Romania, it is proudly presented and is in the top most beautiful castles in the world.


    It was said that Ly Nha Ky received a lot of help from the Romania State Department and the Romanian Consulate in Vietnam in order to complete this photoshoot. Because in accordance to the rules, visiting tourists can only visit, not taking photos or recording videos at the Peles castle. With the flashy costume and attitude, Ly Nha Ky has made tourists turn heads and thought she was a real princess living in the castle. With the help she received, the beauty has taken photos in the sleeping room of princes Carol I of Romania, as well as in grand hall for this rare album.


    It could be said that Ly Nha Ky always know how to invest in her images so that every time she appears it has to be special and fresh. She is considered to be very devoted into taking care of her looks in a subtle way when appearing in front of the public. Especially the royalty style not everyone could pull off, because in the attitude that shows the finesse of her beauty, the confident of a successful and strong woman, along with her maturity. With Ly Nha Ky, after many years working and coming up in the international stage has helped her achieved enough maturity and wisdom that could easily help her dress in the royal-style without being pushing or overdoing it.


    Usually appearing in front of the public in very subtle costumes, polite enough yet still shows her sexiness in a muted way, Ly Nha Ky reminded people of the legend Grace Kelly. The actress herself also admits that she loves and adores the Monaco queen. The modern style and the timeless look of Grace Kelly was also a model for the Honorary Ambassador Ly Nha Ky to learn and work from in her early days in the world stage.

    Costume : Đỗ Long
    Makeup : Minh Lộc
    Photo : Mr.AT