• Ly Nha Ky : Never want to be regretful
    Thursday, 26/05/2011

    Reporter : Hi, Ky. It’s time for the end of this year, we will try to do a traditional thing is to review what you had done last year! How did you evaluate your last year 2008 by yourself?


    Ly Nha Ky (L.N.K): It was a year that my projects, my plans were achieved good results smoothly.


    Reporter: Are you satisfied with what you had done?



    LNK: Sure. All my works were done with all my heart, my effort, limited to the lowest level of risks can occur. Therefore, I’ve never felt regretful, disatisfied or wanted to do anything again.



    Reporter: We will talk about your detailed works to check your satisfaction for each work. Firstly, we will mention about a character named Kieu in “The beloved women and the great men”?


    LNK: I will remember this character forever. All people in the film group had tried their best and spent time to finish the film in time because at that time I was very busy for establishing my company. Seven days in a week, every day I had to work from 5am to 2 – 3am next day, my sleeping time was 2 – 3 hours. Finally, all efforts were acknowledged, the film was received many good attentions from the audience.I’ve finally won recognition from the public for my acting ability by “The beloved women and the great men”. There was no thought that I was only a beauty who plays film anymore.



    Reporter : And how about your company? Being a general director for three companies. Is it as difficult as playing films?



    LNK: Playing films that means how to express the character perfectly.However, operating company that means how to fulfil the role of an leader. Meanwhile, I also has may other works at high pressure to do.But I prefer pressure because the more pressures and difficulties there are, the more chances you have to express yourself.


    Reporter: You are so busy, how can you relax?


    LNK: I always make a plan in detail for everything including relaxation. I did not treat myself badly. I knew which time for relaxation, which time for working. Actually, my characters as follows: If I take three days off, lose two hundreds million VND but I think that it’s better, I’m willing to be off. On the contrary, If lose not only two hundreds million VND but also next opportunities, I will continue to go ahead, take a rest later because I do not like the regret. In my dictionary, there is no place for these words such as: “but”, “because”… to justify for the past. Getting married is a long – term investment.


    Reporter : How about the title of Mercedes’s ambassador?



    LNK: This is a result that I satisfied most. It’s a great honour for me to be an ambassador of a worldwide brandname as Mercedes. Moreover, Avon Cosmetic Company has invited me as a Vietnamese women representative to take part in a program named “The Charitable Bracelet” for the purpose of helping those women who are abused and suffering breast cancer. This program will be started from 2009 January. I’m also an ambassador of Avon brandname.  


    Reporter: It seems that you have fate with American?


    LNK: You intend to mention about my trip to Hollywood, don’t you? Even a 13 – day trip only, a 1 – 2 second take, I’d had a chance to consider and learn from the world movies capital.



    Reporter: What do you think about Hollywood?



    LNK: Firstly, that is a professionalism. There were three make – up experts for three leading roles in this film. There was a manager for each group of subordinate roles, models. Film studio was very big, you must use car if you want to move but even if wherever you are, they can find you easily. I remember that I tried to be in the other area but I “was” found out immediately if necessary. In the process of working, eveybody paid all their attention, not doing individual works or taking on hand phone. The leading roles had a mobile home in the film studio for taking a rest. Each action’s take was filmed at least ten times to calculate carefully. For example, I had to play in thirteen days for one scene only. This showed their carefulness and professionalism in doing art .It’s a precious experience for us to apply into Vietnamese movies industry.




    Reporter: Can you tell us your plan for next year, 2009?


    LNK: I only want to mention about what I had done. Therefore, may I keep the secret about my plans for next year in order sometimes there will be a journalist asks me what I am doing for a long time. That is also a way to attract other people.



    Reporter: But for a plan that is very important in life such as your wedding, do you think that it’s necessary to inform for people’s preparation?


    LNK: Ah, I do not think about it at this time, except the plan of 2009. Because Getting married is a long – term investment, there is no chance to do again. Actually, there are so many partners submit their profiles for me but I need the time to consider their abilities, their characters for a final decision. Now, I only want to pay attention to small plans in order to get experiences for big plans later. Reporter: So wish you for all success.


    Reported by: Minh Tam