• Ly Nha Ky writes her own romantic story in a Vietnamese summery design
    Wednesday, 16/05/2018


    After several days busy with Cannes Film Festival activities, Ly Nha Ky spent a day

    celebrating the success of her friend, the talented designer Hoang Hai.




    Turned away from the royally princess like luxury on the red carpet, Ly Nha Ky of today let her beauty shined like a summery ray of light along with all its grace and class.



    Nude in fashion is ever trendy among celebrities, but never an easy color.




    Donning a skin tone design from Hoang Hai and Paolo Piovan jewelries, Ly Nha Ky continued to impress us all with more impressive looks after looks




    And thanks to her longtime partner makeup artist Minh Loc, Ly Nha Ky is able to make her every presence memorable with the trendiest hair and perfect complexion.




    Letting hair lose all on one side, showcase her heartwarming facial features and of course that enviable silky skin. Photographer Tuan AT has really done justice to her beauty through his magical lens.


    IMGL4438 1


    In a long nude dress, with sophisticated flowers lacing all over depicting a slice of the dreamy summery garden, a wonderful piece from designer Hoang Hai, Ly Nha Ky was more than stunning. we have seen the design before, but Ly Nha Ky in this dress does hold its owns position as one of our favorites.


    IMGL4441 1



    Her golden pumps are truly the show stopper here, complete this summery look with extravagance, showing Ly Nha Ky’s fine hard to match sense of fashion.


    Photo: Mr. AT

    Costume: Hoàng Hải

    Make-up: Minh Lộc

    Jewelry: Paolo Piovan