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    Monday, 07/07/2008
    Passion for business and car
    That princess is Ly Nha Ky who is appreciated as one of the most famous actors in Vietnamese film industry. She has passion for film and business and she also has a strong passion for cars. She said that because of the work’s requirements so she has to move as her second home. The car not only ensure the convenience, the safety and must be suitable with the owner’s style. Therefore, Mercedes – Benz C200 has become her first choice. That being an ambassador of Mercedes – Benz brand name has come to her by chance. The luxury, fineness from Ly Nha Ky are those factors that Mercedes requires. Maybe, they understand the sweet combination between her and cars. And now, when people meet Nha Ky, they will think about Mercedes and vice versa when they catch an image of Mercedes, they will think about Ky.
    Being Mercedes – Benz’s fellow - traveller
    Nha Ky has affirmed herself not only by her characters in films but also her style in the field of fashion. This was shown by a harmonious combination of dress’s colour and car’s colour. The youthful and strong style of C200 always makes her feel peaceful and comfortable. It’s very simple, the white helps Ky feel less hot, avoid from the competition. Nha Ky said that the car running on the street is as same as a life, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes smooth, sometimes bumpy. The important thing is that we have to choose the best car in order not to be shock when going over a pot – hole. Life is the same, we should make a sound decision to minimize accidents. She also has a taste for listening to music on car. Coming back home after a hard working day, she usually to turn on soft music to enjoy the softness in Sai Gon at night through a high-fidelity sound system on C200. Many people catch an image of C200 which is running on the street and they think that there will be a remarkable male driver behind steering wheel. However, according to Ky, there is no reason that only men can drive those wonderful cars like that. In order to make her car more womanly, Ky decorated interior space with many small and lovely details. Mercedes – Benz C200 of all perfection has attracted Ky. Besides a large and comfortable space, it is also ensured a beautiful design, high quality and unique. On the holidays or going picnic with friends, Ky always travel with C200 on all streets in Sai Gon. Ly Nha Ky said that she will pursue and follow films as well as car for long time.
    Reported by : Doan Tan