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  • Ly Nha Ky: Dressing luxurious and power of authority on the red carpet
    Saturday, 20/04/2019


    Ly Nha Ky is always associated with the image of a luxurious lady in classic features with the beauty of an Asian woman blended with the Western woman style, so Do Long designer made a special dress which separated for Ly Nha Ky wore in the evening on 19th April.



    Do Long said that: "I spent 1 week to making this dress, when I draw it on the paper, I just thought that no one could wear this dress and showed off the beautiful and luxurious excepted Ly Nha Ky" . The designer also revealed that he went to abroad to buy the sequin fabric to make this dress for Ly Nha Ky. 

    With the classic of Gatsby makeup style that emphasized the eyes, created cheeks and high-combed bangs in Hollywood 60s hair style, they made her a very beautiful overall.



    Ly Nha Ky is known as the top beauty in the showbiz of Vietnam, besides 30 years old, she has always kept the radiant beauty with full berry of skin, spotless white, and the power of authority is always a top star. This is evidenced by the Cannes Film Festival when she strides on this prestigious red carpet with the world's top stars and she always knows how to  be a highlight in the places where she came. 

    The festive season is indispensable with the dress outstanding glittering wings and nothing more suitable for wearing sequin. The array of bullion will be reflected through the lights to help the person who wearing it looks gorgeous and outstanding

    IMG_7064 IMG_7154 IMG_7172 IMG_7070 IMG_7175

    Photographer : Pham Khanh Linh

    Dress by: Do Long

    Makeup & Hair style : Quan Nguyen & Pu Le