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  • Ly Nha Ky show off her strongly when transforming in menwear style
    Sunday, 14/04/2019

    Chung Thanh Phong designed the unique dress for Ly Nha Ky showed off the masculine and elegant appearance with the theme in this collection of the original designer of Da Nang. Ly Nha Ky always appear in luxurious and respects her partner when attending any event. So she always considered, invested in the right nature of the event and received great respect.

    Chung Thanh Phong presented The Collection Pre Fall 2019 Meuw Gene on the first day of Vietnam International Fashion Week (Vietnam International Fashion Week) on 11st, April which focused on expressing male personality, Ly Nha Ky  chose the menswear style combinated with strongly make up style, modernize, masculine and impressive by her unique make up.

    Appearing at the event, many fans and ekips of the event still did not recognize Ly Nha Ky. Only when she said "You did not realized me?" by her own voice that helped everyone dawned her. It is known that Ly Nha Ky is very busy agenda schedule but because Chung Thanh Phong is one of the person Ly Nha Ky was respect, she arranged the schedule for atttending at the evening to encourage designer.

    She always make everyone surprised because of her image whenever she appears. In addition to the sophisticated hugging dresses, Ly Nha Ky also makes fans admire for transforming the fashionable menswear style.

    The actress has always been one of the most goutful fashion followers in showbiz. As a high-end fashion and diamond trader, she not only transforms a different image every time she appears with her own outfit, but also shows the high-fashion spirit of her face. She always know how to create a highlight, the spirit of a star when appearing in any event. Even in Cannes International Film Festival, in the middle of the international flower forest, Ly Nha Ky still turned up its own substance. That is the reason why menswear style is considered an excellent choice of Ly Nha Ky last night. Fashion, spirit, originality are the best words when talking about  actresses.

    Dress by: Chung Thanh Phong

    Hair and makeup : Pu Le & Quan Nguyen

    Jewerly: LYNK BOUTIQUE (Sheraton Hotel)