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  • Ly Nha Ky with strange appearance becoming a highlight in the red carpet
    Thursday, 06/06/2019


    Ly Nha Ky has already come back from Da lat after finished the last scenes of Thien Duong’s film for Ms.Ky is the main actress. Besides, Ly Nha Ky is also a producer of this film. She tried to arrange her schedule to join Do Long’s fashion show.


    By his ingenuity and passion for creativity, NTK Do Long always knows how to reconcile application and smoothly through each design, blowing soul into his designs with the breath of charm through a daring cut that brings sexy and confident for the person who wore it.


    No need to were a dress too openly, Ly Nha Ky always attract the media and the domestic audience is admiring when she appearing on the red carpet. The clothes of Ly Nha Ky chooses are always discreet and sexy enough to makes her shining.


    As a high-end fashion and diamond trader, the 8X beauty not only transforms a different image every time she appears with her own outfit, but also shows the high-fashion spirit of her face.


    Each of her transformations is always surprising and impressive. Honorary Consul is suitable with every style and perfect in anytime she appears.


    She kept the high spirit for a long time, which many celebrities can not do this. With a dense workload but she always success in many different fields, Ly Nha Ky become a highlight as a special beauty of the entertainment industry.



    Do Long shared that, the dress of Ly Nha Ky wore last night has made by him since April, because he knew that the filming schedule of Thien Duong’s film was very busy and would not have enough time for her trying and editing. She admired the audience with a style in 1940s-1950s. This style is completely picky by pursuers because of no one is suitable in bob hair style, but Ly Nha Ky still exudes the charm, elegance and elite. After the show, Ly Nha Ky continued to working with the Korean director to make the post-production of Thien Duong's film in order to catch up with the project schedule issuing film at the end of this year.


    Make up & Hair: Quan Nguyen & Pu Le

    Photographer: Pham Khanh Linh