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  • Trailer films of Ly Nha Ky- Han Jae Suk has official released
    Thursday, 18/06/2020

    On 12rd of June, the official trailer has been released which a mysterious intertwining romance, telling the fate of the couple Thien Di (Ly Nha Ky) and Quang Kha (Han Jae Suk). Their loved was very passionate but Thien Di suddenly passed away due to car accident which leaving Quang Kha in the deep off sorrow.

    One year later, due to the phenomena of the universe, he was able to contact with some people in the past. Quang Kha would like to find the reason why accident of his wife occurred and help her avoid a tragic fate. The word "heaven" appears much in the trailer which implied both happiness and death.

    Trailer of “Secret of Paradise”. 


    The film started filming in 2018 but they have been stopped when the producer was deep in debt and could not to continue the production. In the mid-2019, the main actress Ly Nha Ky continued the project, she invited the main actor Han Jae Suk and director Park Hee Jun came back to Viet Nam. Year later, the film has completed and expected film premiere on 24th of July. 

    The film marked come back on the widescreen of Ly Nha Ky after six years, since the film “Mua he lanh” (directed by Ngo Quang Hai). Recently, she is known as investor in art films such as Angel Face (attending Cannes Film Festival 2018) and Non Fiction (Venice Film Festival 2018). She said that she had to cancel her plan to attend the 2019 Cannes Film Festival to finished the scene of “Secret of Paradise”. The main actor Han Jae Suk was born in 1973, he was famous through the series of films as Model (1997), All about Eve (2000), Glass Slippers (2002).