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  • Nha Ky: Promising Young Face
    Sunday, 29/05/2011

    Q: Hello Nhã Kỳ, can you tell us the reason why you choose this "7th art"?


    A: One year ago, when going to Diamond to play bowling, I had a chance to meet the manager of a Korean movie company, he invited me to attend a film which was a cooperation with “Giải Phóng” film studio. However, the project had some problems, he introduced me to another film director. When going to “Giải phóng” film studio, working team here continued to introduce me to film director Nguyễn Quang Dũng who is very strenuous to find an actress for the TV film serial “Tình yêu còn mãi”. After meeting, he has confidence on me and accept me to act Trúc – a role which is also very important.


    Q: It’s the first time you act, especially when you act together with professional actors and actresses, do you feel nervous?


    A: First, I feel nervous and fearful, but everybody is very kind. They guide me with all their heart and I feel more confident to fulfill my role. Hope the audience will like my role



    Q: You say that Trúc is an important role in this film. So can you tell something about your role?


    A: Trúc is a cave, she loves Sơn so much (Quang Trí), she uses any trickery to have his heart from Thục Trinh (Bảo Trân). Although she is such a person, the audience will sympathize for her and realize that she is not a bad person when she decides to help Thục Trinh overcome the difficulties. Sometimes she is exhausted, but from the bottom of desire, she also raises herself up and hurries herself to try…all for love


    Q: Is there any similarity between Trúc and you in real life?


    A: When people love, anybody wants to live, to be by the side of her lover, With me, I am not as tricky as Trúc. However, I am not a very good-natured person… (smile)


    Q: As we know, besides art, you are also busy with business. aren’t you?


    A:Business is my job which I do before I come to art. I work in art field just because of my desire, experience, skill and spirit, confidence. All of them are necessary for my business and vice versa. Now, I am cooperating with my friends to build an amusement and entertainment park



    Q: According to you, is art a “sight seeing” tour?


    A: I don’t say that, art and business are compared as my left hand and right hand. Every hand has its own duty, function but in general, they are very important to me. If I lack one of them, I can’t be a perfect person.


    Q: You put “one of your legs” into entertainment field, have you ever thought to strive to work quicker in this field like a model or a singer as others young actors and actresses often do?


    A: Nhã Kỳ is still a strange name to Vietnamese audiences. I don’t dare to say in advance, but all things belong to art, if I can, I really want to join. However, it’s just my thought. Now, I have to try all my best to fulfill my role in order to be accepted by the audiences.