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  • Ly Nha Ky touching on Hollywood movie
    Saturday, 30/08/2008

    NDDT – Accompanying with the famous movie stars such as Chau Nhuan Phat, Cung Loi, young actress of Vietnam Ly Nha Ky opened the door of Hollywood movie. Just back after 12 days of acting in the film Shanghai, Ly Nha Ky sighs with relief now I dare to expose that I participated in Hollywood film.




    With such a happy news, Ly Nha Ky seems very secretive?


    I am very worried and anxious as invited to act in Shanghai with the very well-known movie stars of Hollywood movie produced by Weinstein film company. Therefore, I think that I go and take action first, and announce later. As such, my gladness will be more perfect because I did the thing that many movie stars expect to enter into Hollywood movie.


    What factor that helped you to catch this incomparable chance?


    It so accidental! On that day, I was so busy for a photographing show, thus came to the casting so late. When my friends called, I thought that it would be as normal meeting with them. I did not know that the team of Weinstein film company is casting for the film.


    I was so embarrassed! Just enter the room, I imaged that I entered the wrong room because I saw a lot of senior actors, actresses who were luxuriously wearing suits while I just returned from photographing show. When the representative of film company started to ask each person. Up to my turn, I moved to other groups, evading some times and he asked my why I evaded. I smiled and only talked that I met many my friends and I wanted to ask them but I was truly afraid of replying in public.


    I did not know that I was selected in such a casting until the next day when their secretary informed that the film company selected me for the project of Shanghai film. They selected Vietnam because they thought that Vietnam had not had many movie stars having chances to appear at Hollywood film studio. And the opportunity came to me. The casting time was in March and until July when starting to act in the film, I really believed that I partially carried out my dream in touching on the door of door.




    Thusin Shanghai film, how is your character?


    Shanghai Film talked about the war between China-Japan in the second world war and I was one of the fashion models appearing in the film. My character was an attractive and sexy girl, especially her eyes. After watching the film, I am surprised that I was so mature and become another person under the hand of director.


    The film delegation includes 400 persons but the schedule for each specific of time, venue and duty. If only one person coughed or were ill while acting, the doctor would immediately in duty and every body asked emotionally. I am really happy because after each scene, I received the emotional encouragement, especially from director Mikeal Hafstrom such as “I love you”, “Very good”. At that time I suddenly had the motivation even though they are all strangers.


    The thing that I was deeply impressed is their professional working style, everything acts as true. The scenes of war, gun shooting, death resulting the fear that I am personally aware that I was standing in the war and acted via my true fear at that time.


    Regarding to matching with Chau Nhuan Phat and Cung Loi, what did you learn from their working style?


    Though they are very famous, they are not self-conceited. The film established the background of China-Japan war in Thailand but Chau Nhuan Phat and Cung Loi really respect the cultural traits here. They greeted in Thai and clasped their hands as Thai tradition as meeting. While working, they focused to a high degree. And I feel so lucky to approach and work with them in this famous film.


    12 days are not less for you draw the acting experiences while working with the professional film delegation. Do you feel mature after participating in Shanghai“?


    In the film delegation, each specific detail was mutually matched. The cascaders will act first for the main characters to understand the action and then play the role. They are entitled to frankly discuss with the director and find the best acting way. That’s really the intellectual labor.


    For me, within 12 days, in spite of acting as a small role, I drew a number of lesions, especially feel more confident in myself, seem the future opening for myself and for Vietnam movie. That proved that Vietnam movie stars are not incapable but not have much chances to develop the talent.




    What the memories that you bring back to Vietnam?


    Not only memories, but also the accident. In a scene at the film studio in the war between China-Japan, the bullet pieces hit into to my eyes. Initially, I focused on working so did not pay much attention, but it affected to my eyes and I had to be under minor operation. Now the bandage was removed and I could see everything in a normal way. That is also a small memory in my career.


    In addition, during the film, in the scenes of running out of the gun and bullet, my legs were collapsed many times because we had to step on each other to run. After 20 times of shooting, I was really collapsed. But I felt happy because the delegation was very passionate and took care of each other.


    After opening this door, do you think that this is the chance for you to open the other movie doors?


    "Shanghai" is invested up to 42 million USD and intentionally released at the end of this year. Hopefully, Vietnamese views will recognize Ly Nha Ky in the image of an Asian model.


    Especially, I was also very happy when the director commented that I had a very “movie” face, professional acting and very intelligent.


    And I could say that I am so lucky. I opened the door for my career to step up higher. After this film, I accepted the invitation for another film but I could not expose anything now.


    Thank you for your time!


    Done by LAM TRAN