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  • Ly Nha Ky : “Chau Nhuan Phat always inquires me….”
    Friday, 15/08/2008

    It is sure that your feeling when being invited to take part in Shanghai is very special?


    I still remembered that when Chanh Phuong film company invited me to attend the night party, I hesitated and intended not to go because I was busy for photographing. I have now known that that is the casting meeting of Shanghai film makers.



    Actress Ly Nha Ky at the press meeting in Shanghai film on 14/8


    I called back Chanh Phuong film company to ask whether the party was crowded or not and they replied  only Johnny Tri Nguyen, Ngo Thanh Van and some other friends attended and convinced me to come. I just thought that it was an informal dinner. After finishing photographing, I came there and talked with everyone, ect.. Unexpectedly, after that the secretary of the Shanghai film delegation contacted me and invited me to take a minor role in the film.


    I myself is an actress as well as businesswoman, thus even being initially invited, I want to be sure and then to declare. At the end of July, when the film delegation sent the film script and called me come to film studio in Thailand, I really believed at this time. I felt so happy and surprised.


    According to the initial intention, the producers ought to find three Vietnamese actresses for Shanghai but due to a certain reason, they selected two only, Vu Thu Phuong and me.


    Even in Vietnam, Ly Nha Ky is amateur actress who has not much experience and the career standing is completely zero, ect…what did you bring to the film studio in Thailand?


    As flying to Thailand airport, I did not feel anxious. I did not feel proud of filming in Shanghai. I also did not feel happy when co-working with the great movie stars in the world. My greatest feeling at that time was that how will I work ? What I would do to prove that Vietnamese actresses work in a professional, serious and hard manner.? I only thought of working. When arriving Thailand, I immediately asked what were the next work, I only want to start to work and do not think of anything.


    What I should do so that the great move stars could understand that Vietnamese actresses are very professional, serious, ect.. “ many people will not believe in its positive result, especially Ly Nha Ky and Vu Thu Phuong are not the professional and famous actresses in Vietnam?


    Arriving there, I focus on working at maximum effort. I observed and learnt everywhere, every time if possible. I even observed how they arrange the sound system, lighting, background arrangement, ect.. I found in the film something that could be applied in Vietnam.


    Among thousands minor characters in the film delegation, I was always recognized by people that “Oh, she is from Vietnam”. When my eyes and knee were injured, Chau Nhuan Phat always asked my whenever he met me “Are you still hurt?”, “Are you OK?”. Outside the film studio, Chau Nhuan Phat always recognized me whenever he met me. John Cusack also advised me “You had to cover ice on the wound”…


    In spite of being as the great move stars, Chau Nhuan Phat and John Cusack were very friendly. When I was injured, the film delegation paid much attention to me and asked me. That is the valuable emotion. I thought that I was interested because I worked seriously, hard working and strived my best.



     Chau Nhuan Phat in Shanghai


    In the large film studio with the monumental background, professional work allocation and especially with the great move stars such as Chau Nhuan Phat, Cung Loi, John Cusack, did you feel overwhelming?


    As I mentioned above, my greatest feeling when I came to Thailand was what should I do? How should I do? The great move stars such as Chau Nhuan Phat, Cung Loi, John Cusack were the great examples for me to observe and learn. Only work and work at the film studio.


    I and Chau Nhuan Phat had a shared scene, standing closed together, one arm far from each other. That was the scene in casino, the character of Chau Nhuan Phat was assassinated. I stood right in front of Chau Nhuan Phat. The assassinator would shoot through my shoulder to shoot Chau Nhuan Phat, … I was felt and injured at that scene. The talent of Hollywood film makers is that they made up the real background, everything was true so the feeling of being scared, terrible was also true on the face of performers. I was really scared when acting in this scene.


    Returning from the film studio with the fill of injuries, what did you learn from the world professional film makers?


    I learnt a lot. When my eyes were swollen, I did not want to stop working and asked to continue. I just hospitalize when I return Vietnam, took operation for 5 days.


    The American film makers are directing toward the Asian market. This was the first time they came to Vietnam. They are trying the initial steps. At the end of this year, when Shanghai is released, the film makers will wait for the public reaction… Personally I hope that we now have two Vietnamese actresses but 10-12 in next year and more and more Vietnamese actors/actresses, Vietnam motion picture will cooperate with Hollywood. It is sure that we will learn a lot from them. I personally am waiting to watch Shanghai at the end of this year.