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  • Ly Nha Ky caught each moment of chance in “Shanghai”
    Friday, 15/08/2008

    Why do you wait until now to declare your role in “ Shanghai”?


    Each person has a different way of announcement. For me, everything needs to be prudent. I myself evaluate the fact before let the others know. It could be because I am an actress whose characteristic is in business, so I pay much attention to my saying. The saying should be valid so that I could create the confidence from the audiences.


    That fact that you are late in announcing your participation in “ Shanghai” could make people think that you are not confident in comparison to your partner. What do you think?


    Ly Nha Ky was born in 1982 in Vung Tau and came to German since she was 16 years old.


    In 2006, she returned Vietnam to live and work. Her first work in Vietnam is to do business in entertainment property and real estate.


    The nice face with the attractive appearance made her quickly catch the attention of Vietnamese directors. In motion picture, she has been known in many TV films such as : Jealousy, Beloved women and Big Boss, Long-lasting love, ect…


    In march 2008, she opened a limited company specialized in entertainment and beauty care. She also signs many nationally valid advertisement contracts. Talking with the press, she said her hobby is for car collection.


    - The famous move star John Cusack (also join in this film) reported on the foreign press that : “Not that the move stars have a chance to act in Shanghai film which associates the artistry and realistic manner in Hollywood market”. This indicates that this is a rare chance for myself. Therefore, the door is opened, why I am hesitant and lack of confidence. Additionally, I am aware that my character is a minor one so it is not necessary for me to be pompous.


    How did this chance come to you?


    I am lucky as I have much fate in life. Returning Vietnam from German, I entered the motion picture, that is a fate! This time is not exceptional, I am so surprised as offered the invitation. I merely attended the party of Chanh Phuong film company as a friend and talked with the producer. After that, I knew that is also a kind of film casting because many other models, actors, actresses also attended, not only me and Vu Thu Phuong.


    What’s your character in Shanghai?


    I could not say much about this character because of the contract. I could only say that I acts as an attractive model that whenever the actor Chau Nhuan Phat came near, the risk of his life is seriously threatened (smile).


    What’s your pressure because up to now you are only photographic model and less familiar with cat walking and now playing as a model?


    This was only the model on film. The important thing is that she has the speakable glint, an sexy face and gait while the catwalk performance is not important in spite of happening once on the stage.


    What’s the most unforgettable memory after completing your role?


    I had 13 working-hard days, from 6AM until night even though I do know how long I was on the film (smile). The hardest scene also became unforgettable memory when I ought to fall down when the bomb was exploded. In such messy atmosphere, I only knew that I had to fall down and it really happened. After falling down, stand up, then fall down, fail to go and drag my legs. The consequence is that after the scene, my eyes were injured and took operation in Vietnam. In return, everybody at the film studio was so surprised and exciting with this scene.


     In addition to such hard scenes, did you encounter other difficulties?


    The most difficulty that I thought over as starting to work in a professional environment of Hollywood is to prove that even play one second only, the director or foreigner still recognize Vietnamese actress. Therefore, the thing I carefully prepared  is the spirit and psychology to avoid the feel of being scared. I myself affirm that I must catch each moment of this chance.


    How do you evaluate your role in the film?


     My character is only a minor one but I strived a lot. That is what I could evaluate because even a minor character, I want the others care about. Especially for the film delegation, produce, they praised me that I had aptitude and “fantasy face” after watching the sections that I participated before returning Vietnam.


     How about your wage in “ Shanghai”?


     This is a dedicate issue. In fact, we could compare USD to VND as well as the investment rate for a film in Vietnam and in Hollywood. I could only say that I receive the wage corresponding to my minor character of Hollywood film. Furthermore, it is untrue if saying that I do not pay much attention to the wage but it is not so important to me in comparison to the chance that I had. The important thing is that the world still remember me of Vietnam once participating inShanghai and the experiences that I gained will help for the Vietnamese films in upcoming time.


    In the presentation on the role in ShanghaiLy Nha Ky also shared her happiness when she was selected as the ambassador to protect the women right by Avoncosmetics corporation. She disclosed, this new role helped her dream become true in which she will take advantage of her prestige and power to assist the women. The revenue from the bracelet in this campaign will be used to create the occupations and improve the women life in the world. In Vietnam, the contribution of beloved woman Ly Nha Ly completely volunteers, not for commercial purpose.


    Ly Nha Ky is now also busy with a series of film projects that are going to start the shooting. She will attend in three long films : Ambition film (M&T pictures),Universe Step (FPT Media and Saigon force woman ( Vietnam film company). Three films will be released in 2009.


    Done by Nhieu Huy