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  • “ Han Jae Suk is my metnal support”, Ly Nha Ky said.
    Wednesday, 08/05/2019

    -          Why did you decide to buy ‘Thien Duong’ flim projects? 

    During the filming, Thien Duong's film has many problems arised. I have witnessed nearly 200 peoples who work with their enthusiastically, bringing pride and excitement to participate in a film project in cooperation with Korea. When the film was interrupted in December last year, many members of the film’s crew told me that as long as the movie continues and finish, they would be willing to waiting for the Hanh Nhan producer to pay salary for them late.

    Although project of Thien Duong ‘s film has been canceled, Han Jae Suk, Park Hee Jun – Director and Korean film’s crew untill stayed in a last day. They was filming until the mid night. These images touched in my heart and i could not forget this. 

     The first three months the film stopped recording, many members of the film’s crew still expressed on Facebook they were shocked and sadness. I hope that the film will have a happy ending like the name of the film, instead of being like darkness as a hell. If the film is completed, it will be a fun for all artists and is a great connection for cinema between Vietnam and Korea. 

    -          How did you convince Han Jae Suk and Korean film’s crew came back Vietnam to continue cooperating? 

    They went along with me overcome many problems, our relationship was not between colleagues, this seem liked family members. When they know that I was continue Thien Duong’s film, they were very happy and ready to accompany. Han Jae Suk is busy in a new film projects in Korea, but he agrees to arrange schedule. Director Park Hee Jun is preparing a new project in Indonesia but also accepts to return Vietnam.

    Last year, when they stayed in Vietnam, I supported them due to they dit not have relatives and did not know Vietnamese. And now, they are becoming my mental support.

    Lý Nhã Kỳ và Han Jae Suk trong buổi họp báo công bố dự án phim Thiên đường vào tháng 10/2018.

    Ly Nha Ky and Han Jae Suk at the press conference announced Thien Duong’s film project on middle October, 2018.

    -          How did you and Hanh Nhan producer negotiate to decide to buy and sell Thien Duong’s film project? 

     "Hanh Nhan and I spent about 6 months continuously negotiating and failing, then continuously negotiating. After all, Hanh Nhan understands that, if she does not sell the project to me, she will not be able to sell it to anyone else, because Thien Duong’s film is being litigated and scandal. Besides, I was a main actress and the biggest investor in this film project.”  

    On the contrary, I understand that, if I don't buy this film, no investor will pay for them. Firstly, I just wanted to be an actress to concentrate on the roleplay, not wanted to act as a producer to distract myselft. But perhaps, if I don't sacrifice my personal joy, there will have no joy shared for everyone. From the day the film has stopped, I have kept the hair style and hair color, because I always believed that the film would be continue. 

    -       “ How much you pay to buy Thien Duong’s film project?” 

    I will reveal the number after the film completed because I will be more confident. Moreover, I hope the actors to be comfortable when they come back to continue this film. 

    -       “ This time the films is continuing, how do the actors ask for the salary? 

    “ I was surprised that Han Jae Suk and director Park didn't ask me for anything. Some Vietnamese actors such as Xuan Nghi, Hoang Khoi, Lam Vissay ,.. All of them said that they were willing to play for free, as long as Thien Duong film was continue. It is really to touch in my heart but I did not do that, because I was a part in showbiz, I needed to respect their effort.”

    Currently, only one Vietnamese actress asked for a doubling of the amount of salary compared to the previous one. Honestly, I don't mind this if the she gives for me a reasonable reason. I have contacted and made an appointment to talk directly with her, but she did not respond.

    -        ‘ This time the film was continuing, how did the script change?

    I remained the original of the script, because it was a good script. In the immediate future, I will continue filming 30% of the content of the left-over script. If the cost does not arise too much and Han Jae Suk's schedule allows, I want to remake some of the scene that was filmed.

    Last year, Hanh Nhan producer had some problem in finance, difficuties in film conditions, actors sometimes did not have enough time to prepare a good acting psychology. It is lead to some segments did not satisfy me.

    -        “ How about the plan for the production and film premiere of this film?”

    Thien Duong’s film crew will be filming in Dalat from 18 to 30 May, then, they spent  1-2 weeks to filming in Ho Chi Minh city. I will organize a press conference before the day of shooting or after the film closes. I have plan to issue the film in the end of this year or early next year.

    Ly Nha Ky shared about Thien Di- the character she plays in the film. 

    Thien Duong’s film tells about the life of painter Quang Kha (Han Jae Suk) and his wife is doctor Thien Di (Ly Nha Ky). After a catastrophic accident, his wife doctor was gone, leaving behind her husband and younger son. Since his wife died, the handsome painter has been in pain for a long time. His life only changes when there is the appearance of VJ (Kim Tuyen).

    At the end of 2018, producer Nguyen Hoang Hanh Nhan announced the cancellation of the project even though the film was only 70% filmed. Actor Han Jae Suk, director Park Hee Jun and Korean ‘s crew come back Korean because of the Vietnamese team's unskillful attitude. Actor Xuan Nghi and some members of the group accused Hanh Nhan due to she have not pay salary for them.